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Navigating the world one experience at a time. I’m a nurse who loves to talk about personal development, books, and health topics.

Being in an immigrant family, money wasn’t easy to come by. Today my parents own home in Canada and two in the Philippines. While I often attribute our success to my mother’s budgeting genius, it would be a shame to ignore my father’s risk taking.

I still remember the arguments my parents had when they were deciding to purchase our first home. We were only in Canada for two years and we lived in a rented multi-family complex. My father pushed while my mom pushed back. …

And why you should say “thank you” to yours.

I was a terrible big sister.

One time, when she was twelve and I was fourteen, I punched her. Hard.

I punched her because she had the nerve to get pissed at me for stealing her clips.

Yes, I was like Trump on election week when he got upset the mail-in ballots were overwhelmingly against him when he told his voters to vote in person.

She defiantly cried and told my parents what I had done. As a kid, I never cared when she cried, even if I was the reason for her tears. …

Winter is coming… In the northern regions of the world.

Winter is often associated with more darkness. Extended periods of darkness have been shown to increase feelings of sadness, detachment and lead to lack of energy. In fact, there is even a diagnosis called seasonal affective disorder, which is the increased feelings of sadness due to lack of sun exposure.

Research done by Leibowitz & Vitterso suggests a positive correlation between positive winter mindset and feelings of wellness.

In other words, stay positive.

I know. It’s hard.

COVID-19 has also made the situation worse. Due to the nature of my…

This story may sound familiar. You graduate school. You now have a piece of paper that says your qualified at something. You’re also one of the lucky few who have a job lined up after graduation.

… and you lived happily ever after.

I’ve been preparing for my post secondary graduation since I was 12 years old. I worked hard, became an academic and sacrificed. I came to love learning because I knew it would be my most direct path to success. Graduating school was my mark into adulthood.

Did you expect that your life would magically fall into place…

No one is perfect, and neither was my mom’s financial advice.

If you’ve read my previous article on “4 Habits from My Financially Conscious Mother,” you’d understand that I picked up great financial advice from my mom — but there are some tips that I simply wish I didn’t take up.

Saving Without a Goal

Saving money is important and you simply need to make it a habit it’s also important to have a goal in mind. This was the missing piece in the adulting school hosted by my mother.

I was never explicitly told to save for anything in particular. My money was always sitting in my bank account. So, it was tempting to…

Before the internet and the thousands of budgeting gurus, there was my mother.

Parents have such a big role in teaching kids about money. No doubt, I’ve consciously and unconsciously adopted financial habits from my parents. I talk about my mom here because she handled the family budget.

I moved to Canada at eight years old, with four younger siblings and two exhausted parents in tow. You can imagine how the plane ride went. The youngest child was just over a year old. My parents later told me that they only had $5000 in the bank.

Again, they only had $5000 in the bank.

$5000 dollars didn’t buy much for a family of…

Let’s face it, we’re all going to die.

Likely our parents will pass before we do. They may pass from a cornucopia of different issues and some diseases may rob your parents of their functioning years before they pass away.

So, what do I do?

The answer to this question will depend on your relationship with your parents, their wishes, their retirement plan, the disease they contracted, and your own abilities. Your capability to care for your parents will depend on your availability, competing responsibilities and money.

Some children become involved in their parent’s lives when they need additional help…

How would you feel if the most important person in your life suddenly had an expiration date? Instead of thinking you had decades, you fear you have months to years. In Canada, an average of 617 people are diagnosed with cancer everyday; 218 people will die of cancer everyday.

These are scary statistics. When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you worry immensely about their own wellbeing to the detriment of your own. I felt this lump of dread and hopelessness when I first heard the word cancer.

Here’s a story of hope, and a display of the successes…

How I dealt Imposter syndrome in a job didn’t feel qualified for

‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence. They seem unable to internalize their accomplishments, however successful they are in their field. — Gill Corkindale

I got this terrible sense of imposter syndrome when I got my job as a flight nurse. Let me summarize how different these two nursing specialties are. During my three years, I worked in a hospital with sick patients, but not super sick. This new position entailed that I sit in the back of the plane and deal with anything…

If you were any North American child, you probably asked your parents for a dog at one point in your life. I asked for a dog every year of my life until I became an adult (I preferred travelling more).

Dogs are affectionate, loyal, energetic and generally fun to be around. I always thought that dogs would also help me get into shape (this wasn’t the case).

Eventually, it was my sister who stepped up and brought a dog into the family. In January 2019 we got Apollo and Sirius. …

Leora Knight

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